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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: November, 3, 1979.
Place: Rio Cuarto (Cordoba) - Argentine
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 62 Kg
Zodiac: Scorpio
Nickname: Pablito, Payaso (Clown) , Cai, Payito
Marital Status: Single with a Girlfriend
Team: Valencia - Spain

Chile Pepper

Singer: Joaquín Sabina and Los Piojos
Hobby: Listening musics and read

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* was born with 3,4kg at dawn, and his name would be Juan Pablo, by his mom wish. But his dady chose Cesar.
* doesn't like noise, needs peace around him. His bigger inspiration comes from the silence. He loves the tranquility and quiet.
* has personality, intelligence, and a lot of determination, specially to help the others and to surmount difficult moments.
* is very shy, hates to talk with the press.
* doesn't like parties a lot and, once, with his team, he doesn't tell to their teammates that was his birthday. If his father, Ricardo, and his family don't aparecesses for commemorate the date, nobody would know.
* likes to tell and to listen jokes.
* is very friend of Saviola and was very cherished for Mary, Saviola's mother. And when he goes out his city, going to Buenos Aires alone, Saviola's Mom treats him like a son, making for him "milanesas".
* when was a kid, almost like now, was very tranquil and reserved. He wasn't a kind of boy that climb trees or something like that. But his father doesn't tell how many glass and boots he wasted playing soccer.
* was registered the medicine college, but he had that to leave it because decided to opt to the soccer
* has the nickname "Payaso" because he amuses the others and himself. Was the Clarín Newspaper who gives him this nickname. But today he repeats for the journalist who baptized him that he is repentant to have accepted this nickname, and that he wouldn't want to be called like this anymore...
* says that no girl would interested for him, if he was not famous.
* became still more fan of the musical group " Los Piojos " after knowing them

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