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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: October, 15, 1969.
Place: Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 80 Kg
Zodiac: Libra
Nickname: -
Marital Status: is married, almost 10 years, with Alexandra ( Xana ) and has two children, Diogo and Beatriz
Team: Porto - Portugal

Chile Pepper

Soccer Idol: Fonseca, Bento, Damas - all of them portuguese goalkeepers.
Car: Porshe Carrera 4, Mercedes Smart
Hobby: To be with his family
Quality: he has a great humour sense
Song: Anglo-Saxon and portuguese musics
Movie: Comedies and greats productions

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

* is, in fact, Vítor Manuel Martins Baia
* decided to be goalkeeper, since child
* asked for Xana in marriage in Christmas Day, in front of all the family, using a ring with 2 little hearts
* his father was an keep-inspector customs officer and his mother was servant. His older sister is licenciated in economy, profession that he wanted to follow...He gave up to follow this because ofhis soccer career
* was an excellent student. He only took one bad result in all school years!
* likes to paint and to play Chess
* confess that he is not a great fan of the high-technology and says that not even has a computer in home!
* was nominated, in 1996, the most sexy player of the European Soccer championship
* is very likeable with his fans
* began his carreer in Porto and he is living there now
* likes beautiful cars.
* takes care of his looks and outfit.
* thinks there should be a bit of jealousy in a relationship.
* obviously is active in charity things.
* sold his house to Rivaldo when he left Barcelona.
* likes joking, and in national squad he is a man the younger players trust and look up to.
* he is a kind of national hero, in Portugal.
* says that his politics is the sport
* was invited to be fashion model, but didn't want, because he consider himself very professional in sport
* likes to read books of the spiritual author Divaldo Franco
* believes in God, in the spiritual experience and thinks that we will be stronger according to our force of will
* thinks that the practical of the good and the charity is something that fortify him
* likes to visit schools, hospitals, orphanages, always that his time allows him. Baia makes it with much pleasure and still adds that it has an interior satisfaction
* is a simple and gentile person
* thinks that each one makes your destine, in spite of it already to be basically determinated. Baia believes that everything what have to happen, will really happens ; although it depends also of us to contribute for that the things happen. To wait for that things arrive are not enough...

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