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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: January, 28, 1978.
Place: Carrara - Italy
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 78 Kg
Zodiac: Aquarius
Nickname: Superman , Gigi
Marital Status: Single
Team: Juventus - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Soccer Idol: N'Kono, cameroon goalkeeper and Luca Marchegiani, italian goalkeeper
Hobby: puzzle
Quality: he says that he is sincere and realistic, he assume his mistakes and he is very gentile and human
Defect: he is very impulsive and talks what he wants

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* was born in a Sport family: his mother, Maria Stella, were disks launching, his father, Adriano, weight thrower, his two sisters, Veronica and Guendalina, plays volleyball and his uncle, Angelo Masocco, played basketball
* when was child played as midfield. He decided to be goalkeeper when he lost the will to run
* renounced the military job and became volunteer of civil jobs, in a community of toxic dependents recuperation
* when appeared for the first in Serie A ,didn't participate of the official photo, traditional in matches begining. He just left, running for the goal, because he was not accustomed to this...
* had wish to disappear because he was very very nervous, at time that he saw Pagliuca hurt and he was called to replace him in his debut in the National Team. In that occasion, Gigi wanted that the game finished soon because, as the match was in Moscow, he was very cold.
* feared to be considered guilty, in case that the Italy were not classified for the WorldCup 98
* doesn' t like to use long pants during the games because feels discomfort and unskilful
* always says and makes what he thinks
* has in home a notebook where writes his suffered and defended penalty kicks
* keeps until today the red shirt number 12 of his Serie A debut and the gloves that he earned of Taffarel when he was young
* says that until the 17 years, he was a " Monster " because he was so ugly, that the girls ran away of him...
* sometimes goes to the discos after the games, in Sunday nights
* used to frequent dances with latin-american music, only to win an ex girlfriend, Mary
* assumes that is good trencher man and that he eats a lot.
* wants to make a goal before the end of his career. Either of penalty kick, fall or any another way
* is not punctual. He is always the last one to arrive in the training
* loses the patience with people who are deceptive with the others
* guarantee that changed in these last years. He was considered a night life lover, but now he is different
* loves stay together with someone special , but he prefers to live alone. He says that even when he get married, he will live alone

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