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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: 18, december, 1969.
Place: Puertollano, Ciudad Real - Spain
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 79 Kg
Zodiac: sagittarius
Nickname: Dragon
Marital Status: Married, has a daughter, Carlota
Team: Valencia - Spain

Chile Pepper

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* is, in fact, José Santiago Caņizares Ruiz
* received the nickname " Dragón " (Dragon) from the Valencia former-trainer Claude Ranieri
* feels calm in ValenciaCF. He admits that the defense of his club is almost perfect and it makes him tranquil in the goal
* has not motives to be pessimistic, but sees his return in the National Team almost impossible
* his objective is to Win always and to fight for all the Titles. For him, Valencia is a great team and enabled to win
* prefers the gloves manufactured in Germany. They're his favourites
* in last years, became specialist in defending penalty kicks
* likes to play with the collar of his team shirt turned for up
* takes 10 pairs of gloves for match
* doens't neglect of his shape nor in the holidays or vacation! He always goes to the Gym
* when left Real Madrid to play in Valencia, said that would give titles to his new team. And He is very proud for having conquered in his first year with Valencia The "Copa del Rey", later the Supercopa. Moreover, he has 2 consecutive finals in Champions league. But he just wanted to have win these matches...
* doesn't talk anymore with his team mate, Miroslav Djukic, since when he criticized in public his team mate , blaming Djukic for some defeats. Djukic decided then to cut relations
* received the prize from better castellano sportsman for his work.
* is black sach of taekwondo

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