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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: May, 20th 1981.
Place: Madrid - Spain
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 Kg
Zodiac: Taurus
Nickname: -
Marital Status:Single
Team: Real Madrid - Spain

Chile Pepper

Favorite Dish: Fried Eggs with Potatoes
Movie: "The Negotiatior"
Music: All kind
Hobby: Being with Friend & Family
Singer: Roxette and Offspring
Soccer Idol: Gianluigi Buffon

Chile Pepper


* Is, in fact, Iker Casillas FernŠndez
* his career started in the 7 and 8-year-old Clubís team in season 90/91. His dreams came true in season 98/99 when he was called for the first team. He played in 3rd Division team that season and a year later he started to play in the Real Madridís second team
* was one of the key players for the Under-21 National Teamís achievement of the World Championship in 2000.
* was the younger champion goalkeeper in the UEFA Champions League. In that victorious night, he said that he had much fun, singing and dancing all time!
* guarantees that never will forget the Madrid people Welcome, when he won the Champions League
* believes that goalkeepers pass of Heros to villains easily
* said that in his debut with Spain National Team was calm as always.
* believes that all his conquests are products of effort and determination
* dreams with the World Cup 2002...but he thinks that his dream only will be come true with hard work, because the things don't happen occasionally
* always admired the work of Gigi Buffon and believes that the italian goalkeeper is an example!
* swears by his mother that he doesn't care about money
* guarantees that is the same Iker of always: who talks with his friends and also with all the people, which only believes in the daily work.
* Won the Bravo Trophy of best european sub 20 in 2000
* said that the most beautiful thing is to play in Real Madrid, team where he began and also because Real trusted in his potential
* the perfect goalkeeper for him would a mixture of Zubizarreta, retired spanish, Toni and Baia.
* despite his youth , he is too much calm
* said that before his authorazation to drive, he used to go to the trainnings by bus or subway. 'Til the end of the season 99-2000 he was the only one Real Madrid player who still used public transports.
* said once about Real Madrid : "I want to play here the rest of my career"

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