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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: April, 17, 1975.
Place: Cosenza - Italy
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 75 Kg
Zodiac: Aries
Nickname: Fano
Marital Status: Single
Team: SS Lazio - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Singer: Piero Pelu and Renato Zero
Soccer Idol: Roberto Baggio
Car: Porshe
Hobby: videogame, NBA and also to answer e-mails that he receives from his fans and to read.
Book: John Grisham's books
Favorite Dish: Pasta
Quality: to be a good person, a kind of that don't know to say "no"
Defect: stubborness, according to him, typically of people from Calabria

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Thanks to Sanja and Letizia!

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* began his soccer career in a sport society founded by his father, ex Consenza player. In his first match in the youthful sector, he scored the goal that gave the victory to his team
* when was child, ate fish giblets to win force in the muscles
* with 18 years was moved to the AC Parma. Of that moment, Fano lived bitterness and wonders, that he believes that they had contributed in the same way to make him grow in technician and cultural points of view
* in 1996, was named The better player from italian Serie B.
* entered for the elite of the Italian soccer in season 99/00, when played with Udinese. His debut in italian National Team was in February of 2000
* is a revelation player in the Italian National Team, very loved by the fans and supporters
* is never shy when given shooting opportunities and has contributed many important goals through out the season and has the ability to do exactly the same for his country.
* believes that the successes of the present time are product of the work made in the previous years
* is fan of Alessia Marcuzzi and also of the italian TV presenter Teo Mammucari.
* doesn't like ketchup and hates Roller Coaster
* hates the smoke
* goes to the Church searching comfort and peace
* doesn't look adventures with a woman. When begins a loving relationship he always has the idea to build a family. But he never makes drama if he stays without sentimental emotions for some time: " I know to live alone ", he confesses
* is simple, humble, kind and calm - according to the Italian press
* guarantees that doesn't suppor disorder and jumbler
* thinks that the life of a football player is great and rewarder, but very monotonous because of the daily routine. Even when the trainings are only during the afternoon, the day is regulated with the same schedules for the meals. Because of this, he wakes up with calm, guarantees that he is not sleeper, and after he takes coffee. Then, Fano walks and lunches around the 12. He trains in the afternoon, later he has dinner and goes to sleep around 10 pm
* believes that trips are the best medicine to move away the stress.
* loves the sea. He remembers in special one trip that made to the Maldivas, where he felt to be outside of the world. Fano guarantees that it was a fantastic experience
* says that is a little shy
* when begins to speak in cellular, he doesn't stop anymore!
* once, during an interview, he surprised the reporter with his humility. His cellular called and as he was busy with the interview, he asked for the person in phone call him later, because he was having breakfast...The interviewer was surprised and said that many other soccer star will say that was during a interview to a magazine...
* according with the trips that made for the East Europe, he says that loves Praga, because of its historical tradition that fascinates him. In occidental Europe, he likes Paris
* all his life moments are connected with the music. Principally the musics that make him to remember someone in special

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