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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: August, 4, 1974.
Place: Rosario - Argentina
Height:175 cm
Weight: 71 Kg
Zodiac: Leo
Nickname: Kily
Marital Status: Married with Raquel
Team: Valencia - Spain

Chile Pepper

Actor: Al Pacino and Robert de Niro
Movie: "La vitta é bella"
Soccer Idol: Diego Maradona
Hobby: stay with his family

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* is in fact, Cristian Alberto González Peret
* thinks that the all errors inside the field have to be assumed with seriousness.
* feels a kind of shivering for his body when is dressing the Argentine National Team shirt. He also feels himself pride, being happy when receive applauses from his supporters, in the end of a match
* sometimes, in field, has problems with the referees, because of his behaviour...
* always enters in field with the left foot and without stepping in the lateral line.
* is proud himself a lot in already having played with Diego maradona, his idol, when the both played in Boca Juniors.
* began to play with Valencia CF in 99 and his contract finishes in 2005,
* scraped Juan Verón's hair in a retirement of Boca Juniors, in 1996. Verón, together with Jose Basualdo, avenged himself scraping Kily's too.
* is very friend of Piojo López, Verón and Ariel Ortega
* one of his great passions is to enjoy the free time with the family
* now he is the substitute of Mendieta in the Valencianistas ( Valencia CF supporters ) , because of the Mendieta's transfer to SSLazio
* despite some transfer rumors, Kily says that his big challenge is to be in Valencia and to play a great season as he played in the previous season

Thanks to Dandara and Alice Otero

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