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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: June, 18, 1974.
Place: Pomigliano dArco, Napoli - Italy
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 68 Kg
Zodiac: Gemini
Nickname: Aeroplanino ( little plane )
Marital Status: Married with Rita , has a son, Alessio
Team: AS Roma - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Actor: Vincenzo Salemme
Actress: Sabrina Ferilli, Jodie Foster
Movie: "Il Primo Cavaliere"
Singer: Pino Daniele
Song:"Margherita" - Riccardo Cocciante
Soccer Idol: Diego Maradona
Car: BMW X5
Hobby: to be with his family
Vacations Spot: Ischia
Book: Romance
Color: Blue
Lucky Number: 17
Favorite Dish: Shrimp Rice and Asparagus, made by his Wife
Defect: stubborness

*** Thanks Letizia, for the "asparaggi"! ***

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* when was child, played soccer with his brother, Emmanuele, 4 years more old than him
* started in soccer life with his street friends. He played endless matches, all against all, where the only thing to do was to hold the ball in the feet and dribble everybody
* at 13 years old, when leaves his home and his family for to play in Empoli, Montella was sure of that he would has a great future as football player
* in his teenage, walked bike a lot
* always feels emotion when hears "The Inno di Mameli" ( Italian National Anthem ), maybe because his father always heard it excessively in home!
* consider himself a luck person, because his family always helped and encouraged him. He always thanks to his parents, Nicola and Giuseppina ( 'til today she repents herself to have permited Monty to leave his home so young... )
* in June celebrated the 4st year of marriage with Rita! He still remembers the Wedding day and describes it as a big , fantastic emotion
* is the husband who all girls would like to have ... by words of his wife, Rita
* is happy to see that his son, Alessio, like to play soccer.
* he likes to be in computer in his free hours. He is learning to use it each time more
* likes to discover the big world of Internet, when is concentrated with AS Roma. He stays much time surfing, looking for notices and curiosities, in web.
* likes to have dinner with friends, especially with his physiotherapist Fabio Conta, who is the same since Sampdoria times
* says that his favourite fruit is cherry, and his favourite drink is water
* likes to go to the cinema, but prefers to be in home with his family
* his first love was a girl called Anna.
* collects clocks
* has as passions the Adventure movies, the theater and the music, that he listes in the last volumes before the matches
* has as favourite TV personage, Maurizio Costanzo
* doesn't support hypocrisy and falseness
* garantees taht his slogan is: think positive
* appreciates Michael Jordan and Carl Lewis
* shares room with di Francesco in AS Roma
* his favourite radio is the Subasio Radio
* thinks that Peruzzi is the best goalkeeper and Maldini the best defender
* judges himself like a very shy and forgotten person. He says that his memories are indefinites and confused

Chile Pepper, Spinning

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