Fernando Morientes

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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: April, 05, 1976
Place: Ceceres - Spain
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 79 Kg
Zodiac: Aries
Nickname: Moro
Marital Status: Married with Vitoria , has two children: Fernando and Lucia
Team: Real Madrid - Spain
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Singer: Queen
Movie: "The last of the Mohicans"
Car: BMW and Cherokee
Favorite Dish: pasta and traditional Spanish kitchen
Book: " El Quijote " and some police books

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* is, in fact, Fernando Morientes Sánchez
* his nickname, Moro, is the diminutive of the start of his name, Morientes.
* admits that he was not badly student and that would like to specialize himself in something, management or computer science
* normally, wakes up to the 9:00, the 9:30 is his breakfest, to 10:00 goes for Real Madrid, his lunch is to 14:30 and has dinner to the 21:30. He sleeps to the 22:30, but before, he surfs in web
* says that is an expert in computer science. Internet fan declared, loves soccer games
* dedicated his goal in the UCL 2000 final to Hierro. For Moro, this is the most important goal of his career
* never will leave of be humble. He guarantees that, in his case , popularity and humbleness walk together
* in the time to choose his clothes to go out, he finds it easily, because he is organizer and thinks that the look is very important
* likes to put flowers in his bathroom
* doesn't like to eat so much in the morning
* likes to eat " petit-souise "
* is fan of Carl Lewis and Miguel Indurain.
* likes to live the present
* likes to pass the biggest possible time with his family
* some years ago runs 100 meters in 11 seconds! Will be?
* follows the news for the TV, while he relaxes
* doesn't like to exaggerate in the dinner, because he says that has nightmares when he lies down with the full stomach
* doesn't like the heat

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