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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: june, 27, 1977.
Place: Madrid - Spain
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 Kg
Zodiac: Cancer
Nickname: Babystar, el Pichichi del Madrid (Madrid's striker)
Marital Status: married with Mamen Sanz. Has a son, Jorge.
Team: Real Madrid - Spain

Chile Pepper

Actor: Tom Hanks
Hobby: reading, musics, to hunt and videogames
Favorite Dish: rice with tomato and his dessert flan with cream
Book: "The Alchimist"
Soccer Idol: Diego Maradona
Song: Spanish Music
TV Program: sports and documentaries
Color: red

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* grew up in a modest quarter of Madrid, in the colony of San Cristobal de los Angeles. He comes of a humble family.
* is catholic
* thinks that is very important be humble.
* passed for turbulent moments, just before knowing his current wife, when the press said that his nocturnal excesses could compromise his future in soccer. Once, he have that to deny that he used alcohol and drugs.
* in spite of to be shy and introverted, before to be married with Mamén, has rumors that he was a don Juan. Had affairs with many models and celebrities of Spain
* recovered the equilibrium and finded the love with Mamen.
* dedicates his goals to Mamen, kissing his wedding ring.
* baptized his son with the name " Jorge " in tribute to Jorge Valdano
* is had fun outside of field with his family, and also with the Figo's family
* when he goes out in the night, he drinks champagne, but his favourite drink is the water
* made many donations to the institution that protects children with diverse illnesses
* is had fun when he plays, because identifies himself with Real Madrid and the Spain Team.
* feels, everyday, the love by the supporters of Real, and be proud of this.
* would like to have one shirt of Maradona. Always watch a video of Diego that he has in his house.
* is thinking about studying English. This is something that he never learnt very well... then, he'll tries to study anything else.
* usually goes twice or three times a week to the movies
* he is superstitious and first pants the left shoe, to have luck.
* reserves his free time for his son and the videogames machines.
* received a lot of offers to be actor but doesn't give any importance to this kind of offers, because his main objective is to be a good footballer.
* always chats with Cañizares before the games and after them, and they always make jokes about if Raul could beat the Valencia's Golkeeper again.
* usually chats with Redondo too.
* says that the physical condiction and the mental power are the secret for his result.
* defines himself as a person who tries to be next to the people.
* likes to take care of his dogs and of his home
* voted for the first time in 1996
* thinks that the birth of his son was one of the most important moments of his life

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