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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: March, 29, 1972.
Place: Lisbon - Portugal
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 74 Kg
Zodiac: Aries
Nickname: -
Marital Status: Married with Rute, has two children.
Team: AC Milan - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Tv Program: He likes very much to watch Portuguese TV programs, because he feels very close to his country.
Soccer Idol: Michel Platini and Carlos Manuel
Hobby: To read, to be with his family and watch TV
Quality: humility and tranquillity
Defect: to smoke and to grieve himself easily when he's not understood by the people

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* when was child, tore his tennis, broke window-panes and arrived in home with hurt knees. But his father, Vítor, and his mother, Manuela, didn't care seriously. They didn't import themselves because was through the soccer that she knew Vítor.
* was ball catcher of the first Portuguese division. He was a supporter and always asked for an autograph when he saw a player. He was sad when they didn't give... therefore, when a person asks for an autograph to him, Rui remembers of when was he who asked for. Today, Rui feels pleasure in giving autographs, especially for children
* wouldn't like to have left the school before the right time for following the soccer career. He admits that risked himself because if he hadn't obtained the soccer career, wouldn't know what to do, since he didn't have much study
* for having been born in a city with sea, is accurately the sea what he misses when speaks in his country. In his home in Portugal, he can see the sea of the window and he feels homesicknesses of this.
* doesn't change the sea for the mountain!
* his interest for Internet began in 1996, when he been admired with the number of urls in Altavista search after typing his name. Some time later, he perceived that through the web is possible " to come back " to Portugal and to enter in contact with his fans
* participates with Rute of some chats.
* loves theater. It is a kind of art that fascinates him
* never considered himself as a sex symbol. He believes that he has women fans in the same proportion that he has men fans, and respects to all in the same way
* doesn't know the reason why many times, people confound him with Paulo Sousa ( portuguese player, currently in Greece ) in Portugal, since both are so different
* feels calm and tranquil, when seeing the sea waves. It makes him to reflect about what he has for to do
* is considered truly happy for doing what he always dreamed - to have a pretty family and to play soccer
* says that the most difficult moment in a soccer players career is when they lose the confidence of the supporters
* is very humble, even in the words
* likes to read books according to his frame of mind. Sometimes he purchases a book " by instinct ", looks and thinks that he goes to like it. Sometimes he doesn't care about he author
* confesses to be excessively prudish, and it sometimes sets him in difficulty. He believes a lot in everything what he does and he wants that everybody perceive this. As nor always it happens, grieve and suffers. Rui thinks that everybody must be a little thus, but believes that he exaggerates and therefore, paid for this defect
* already thought about using false beard just to be able to leave the hotel in the trips, but he guarantees that is not of his nature to run away from his compromisses, as the soccer retirements
* always that wakes up, normally remembers his dreams and rarely has nightmares
* tries to guide his children in the good way so that they can have many joys and few problems. About the work, Rui would have much pleasure in seeing his children following his career, but he guarantees that will not influence them in nothing and will always help them and to follow them, even if they follow another profession
* when to finish his career, wants to travel with his family to know better the Europe. Rui cannot better know the cities that professionally visits because he goes only in the stadiums, airports and hotels
* in the future, wants to take a honeymoon trip because he never made. Rui guarantees that still has many dreams to fulfill, but always with his family.

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