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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: December, 11th, 1981.
Place: Bajo Belgrano, Buenos Aires - Argentine
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 62 Kg
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Nickname: Conejo ( rabbit ), Conejito ( little Rabbit ), Rata ( rat ) and Pibito ( little kid )
Marital Status: single with a girlfriend, María Sol.
Team: Barcelona - Spain
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Singer: Queen and Andrés Calamaro
Movie: "La vita é bella"
Favorite Dish: everything that cooks his mother, Mary and chocolate with cream IceCream
Perfum: Acqua di Gio
Vacation' Spot: Caribbean Sea
Soccer Idol: Ariel Ortega, he has a poster of him in his room
Hobby: in his free time he uses to play "Play station" with his team mates

Chile Pepper

Special Thanks to Adriana Sánchez
and María Lanusse! :-)


* He was called "Conejo" (rabbit) by the argentinian goalkeeper Germán Burgos, because of his tooth , and "Rata" (rat) by the comentator, Attilio Costa Febre.
* He was the only son of María Antonia and Roberto "Cacho" Saviola who died in august 2001 of liver cancer. Javi said that his first goal with Barcelona will be dedicated to him. He also dedicated to his father his 11 goals with argentinean youth national team, in the last edition of World youth cup, where Argentine became champion and he was chosen as the best player, breaking the goals record with 11.
* He studied at "Espírito Santo" school, then he passed to "Colegio del Honorable Concejo deliberante de Buenos Aires" and finished his studies at River Plate Institute during he was training to be at the first team of River, at that time he spent most of the time at River, by the morning studing and trainning in afternoon.
* Is a fanatic supporter of River Plate, argentine team that projected him to the professional soccer. In January of 2000 he said to an argentinean radio that, if he could he would stay for all his life in River...He always supported River Plate and said that even with all the money of the world he wouldn't play at Boca Juniors. * the only time that he cried because of soccer was when he saw his name in the list of players that were going to play (the 1st time that he played).
* His first match was October 18, 1998. He scored a goal and after the match he said that in that moment he almost cried because he remembered all the effort his parents made.
* said that his "first time" was in the girl's home, at age 15, because he wouldn't want to go a hotel...
* Actually, he has been for more than 1 year with María Sol, they also go on vacation together.
* his soccer dreams are: to play a world Cup and has as coach Diego Maradona
* uses a red bracelet in his left hand as amulet
* when has to choose a clothe, he always chooses FILA
* His succes and his short age are not impediments for him and his treat to his fans, he is the same than before get famous, he is still very shy and never denies an autograph or a pic with a fan, and if he has time he even start to chat with his fans.
* thinks that Ariel Ortega is the best player and was an honor to share the team with him.
* tries to live a normal life, as any guy of his age.
* when he is in Argentine, every sunday afternoon turns on the t.v on "Fútbol de Primera" and orders a pizza which eats with his family and friends. For him, family is at first always.
* he is very close friend with Andres D'alessandro. He played with him in River since they were 5, and they also played together in the world cup sub-20.
* he wanted to be transfered to Barcelona not only for the money, but also because his father had cancer and he wanted to take him to Barcelona, but it wasn't possible because his father died.
* His best friend is Pablo Aimar, they met in River Plate and they became best friends, when Aimar went to Valencia and Javier stayed at River, they talk every week.
* said in july 2000 to an argentinean periodical: "I know that if I lose the humility, I lost everything"

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