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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: September, 29, 1976.
Place: Dvirkivshchyna - Ukraine
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 72 Kg
Zodiac: libra
Nickname: Sheva
Marital Status: Single with a girlfriend, Kristen Pazik
Team: AC Milan - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Actor: Brad Pitt and Alexander Abdulov
Actress: Julia Roberts
Movie: "Legends of the Fall" and "The goalkeeper"
TV Program: "Scherzi a parte"
Book: the bible, Pillars oh the Earth
Singer: Freddie Mercury and Laima Vaikule
Soccer Idols: all DK-86, Pele, Zico, Platini, Romario
Car: Omega
Vacation Spot: Sardinia and Miami
Hobby: pool, tennis, cars (his father is a car-engineer)
Quality: Tolerance of others
Defect: "The others tell me..."
Favorite Dish: Fish and barbacued chicken
Lucky Number: 7

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* has a dream: win the UEFA Champions League with Milan
* liked to study history and poetry
* likes a lot to have a dinner with Friends
* likes to dance Disco beat
* thinks that the day prettiest was that one where signed its first professional contract with the Dynamo . In consequence ,he gifts himself with a car and a house in a quarter of rich.
* has passion for his dragon tattoo, shopping and Milan City, because he thinks that is a beautiful City.
* confess that when was a child and had bad behaviour, his angel's face is saved him too many times, makin' him escapes of his parents beatings...
* is a disaster in Kitchen and because it people say :"Don't go to have dinner in Sheva's home!"
* says that the only women of his life are his mother and his sister. ...and in Kiev, in that time, a lot of girls would want stay with him.
* I doesn't like holidays and gifts...the only one exception is New Year.
* likes to drink orange and pineapple juice
* is unmarried and tired of women calling his home, DK training camp, etc "Don't make an idol of me. I haven't achieved anything yet."
* In the mornig of the september 6th, he was christened he daughter of his ukrainian friend. He is godfather now that!
* likes so much the dogs and would like to take puppy of labrador.
* the name of the husband of his sister is Andreij, the same.
* is good friend of ukrainian pop-star Natalia Moghilevskya. Once Andreij was singer with Natalia at a concert of ukrainian stars.
* his favorite perfume is lilac - from women, of course!
* in women Sheva values first of all is spell. "For the spell I'm ready to devote of all my" - he said
* stay at Milan by address Via Marini, 8 (attention! It's private zone!)
* prefers to dress from Dolce&Gabbana and Armani. So, Giorgio Armani is personal friend of Sheva and his georgian friend Kaladze. But so much of his brand-new suits he sew to order. "My tailor said, that I have a standart figura" - was confessed Sheva
* likes so much japanese kitchen. "It is pure food!" - he assert. His favorite ukrainian dish is borsch (it is ukrainian national soup. So tasty:)))) with galushki.
* his great friend is ukrainian tennis-player Andrey Medvedev, who stay at Monaco now. And Sheva has a beautiful house in Monaco too.
* When he was child, he loved so much his mate-class girl Helena, but she hasn't to an interest in him at that time. After much time Sheva passed to
Italy, and Helen work at the same country also as model. But love story is no more.
* This is the phrase, which he pronounce more often - no maybe!
* In March (at Istanbul before the game Galatasaray vs. Milan) he was spoken:
"I don't want to marry for the time being. I want to play some more years".

Chile Pepper

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