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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: July, 23, 1975.
Place: Crema - Italy
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 Kg
Zodiac: Leo
Nickname: Tacchi, Facia d'angelo ( Angel's Face )
Marital Status: single
Team: Juventus - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Soccer Idol: Michel Platini
Quality: to be happy, humble and likeable
Car: Ferrari 360 Modena . Its color is light grey.
Hobby: to listen music, watch TV and also PlayStation.

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* he spend a great deal of his free time with Del Piero
* lives very close to his teammates in an apartment in the center of Turin.
* his motto in life is "Watch, learn and improve."
* named Didier Deschamps and Matias Almeyda like who gives him inspiration as footballer .
* in his opinion, Montero is the leader of Juventus
* is roommate of Del Piero. They have been friends since they were sixteen. Every time, he always joke with Del Piero by reminding him of the old enmity between them. Tacchi says, "Be careful, Alex, if I ever have to face you as an enemy again.... We will be adversaries once again like when you were still in Padova, and I was in Atalanta"
* likes, sometimes, to adore his own pictures in various poses.
* never thought of what he would be if he wasn't a football player
* has an aunt in the United States whom he doesn't have seen in a long time. She is a relative of Reeves, and, because of this, Alessio believes that he's cousin of Keanu Reeves
* is a PlayStation wizard and often challenges his team-mates to games, almost always finishing victorious. In fact, Tacchinardi loves Playstation!
* is an avid watcher of football matches and all kind of sports shows on TV Alessio loves them so much that, in true Italian style, he gets his mother to record Sunday's matches for him - and even foreign matches too!
* there's a computer, digital television, and a small staircasein the only room at his house. He lives in a small house of Italian architecture. He said that after he moved in to this place, he feels calm
* when asked if liked to go out often, he said that used to like to go to discos or bars. But, when he had a problem in Juventus, he didn't immediately try to solve it. He gave it some thought later on, and it made him giddy. Now, he feels much calmer and enjoys wake up late, goes to the newsstands, and then having breakfast...
* doesn't care about the critics anymore as well, as for when he plays badly
* considers his family ,his parents Vincenzo and Annamaria, and also his two brothers Gabriele and Massimiliano, all of most precious things that he has
* guarantees that his mother is the only one that can say, after a match, if he played badly or not. His mother is always the first person to telephone to him, after the matches
* has 5 ( ! ) dogs: Snoopy, Mina and also 3 dobermann Missy, Lilly and Isabella. But his dogs live with his parents in Crema, and not with him in Turim. Always that he has a free time, goes to visit them
* repent to have abandoned the studies, despite to have attemped to study the maximum time that he could
* is friend of the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti.
* is fan of Shaquille O'Neill and Tiger Woods
* when he has a free time, practises golf.
* is number 1 in videogames, when Del Piero doesn't play, as declarations of the proper Pinturicchio ( Alessandro ).
* uses to go out to have fun in the following nights to the soccer matches
* loves fashion, to go to shopping, and also fashion events
* remembers until today a game in special (Padova - Del Piero's team - against Atalanta - his team at time -) Tacchi doesn't forget that during this match, he hit Del Piero. Alex was nervous, pursuing him for all the field. The both always laugh when remember this game...
* when he is in the beach, likes a lot of jet ski. Once, unintentional, he passed very close by a boat and wet one lady who called the coastal guard. Happily, everything was decided later
* wants to build a family and also to have two children, the both boys. He doesn't know exactly why he wants two boys, but guarantess that when he becomes dad, will be a great father, nothing jalousie always giving good advices, specially in a subject: girls!

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