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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: December, 2, 1971.
Place: Padova - Italy
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 90 Kg
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Nickname: -
Marital Status: Married with Manuela
Team: Inter Milan - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Hobby: cinema and fishes
Quality: Goodness, affection and sincerity, people say.
Soccer Idol: Enrico Albertosi, the former Italy and Fiorentina 'keeper.

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* started to play with 7 years old
* appeared for the first time in public with the Italy National Team during a weekend that he was with his girlfriend, Simona in the Elba Island . Everything was calm, until friday night the telephone called him for the invocation
* thanks his parents until today for having allowed that he leaves his home for to play
* admits to be greedy and would like always to eat candies with chocolate
* has a great friendship with his sister, Giuliana, who plays handball for Romanella and wasin finals of the Miss Italia Competition. For him, his sister must be the winner...
* is miserly, according to his friends. Toldo, however, defines himself as "economic"...
* guarantees that always was difficult to find a gilrfriend that he formed with him a beautiful pair, because with his 196 cm, he never wanted to be ridiculous when taking a walk with a girl much more low than him
* was surprised with his thousand admirers when he arrived at the church for his
wedding to Manuela Pozza, on a grey Vespa, at 9 july 2000. With the end of Euro 2000, Italian fans return the high emotions that Toldo gave to Italy with his excellent participation in this tournament.
* and Manuela started going out a year and a half before the wedding, but Toldo never told to her ho he was...Manuela, "a soccer ignorant" as she called herself, discovered who he was when she saw him on T.V. Manuela's words: " Was Sunday at lunch time when my father, who knows about soccer, was watching some soccer news on T.V., at that moment they were transmitting an interview of Toldo. When he was called Francesco, it eliminated any doubt I had of his identity. That's the man I'm going out with, I said. My father asked me: "You are going out with Francesco Toldo?" Everything became clear to me, that's why we couldn't go to the movies on Sundays, that's why he avoided crowded places. He's an original, like all goalkeepers. With his body he can fill the goal, with his love, he will fill my life."
* uses to enter in the Lingerie store where Manuela worked just to see her... one day he confessed to her that did not want to buy nothing and that only was there for her
* before the wedding, he lived with his sister Giuliana. They have been trained by their parents to stay together and help each other.
* wins the Kamikaze '99 award. Toldo was celebrated twice: he was receiving the award in his birthplace, Padova, and the reason for it, the Kamikaze award, is the kind that can really make a goalkeeper proud.
* his objective is become the Nš 1. He's working with this objective in mind every day. He knows that if he wants to remain at these levels, he'll have to keep on working as he's doing now.
* his favourite fan is his grandmother Norma. She is 82.
* when he meets Enrico Albertosi, his idol, at the training centre, he always touch his moustache.

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