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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: September, 27, 1976.
Place: Roma - Italy
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 79 Kg
Zodiac: Libra
Nickname: Ermeglio, Il Bimbo d'oro (the little gold boy)
Marital Status: single
Team: AS Roma - Italy
Official Website:

Chile Pepper

Actor: he likes Pieraccioni,Verdone and Alberto Sordi movies
Movie: italian commedies
TV Program: he watches foreign soccer with a lot interest
Singer: U2 and Pearl Jam
Song: classical music and also pop
Soccer Idol: Giuseppe Giannini and Roberto Mancini
Hobby: Play tennis, biliards and the soccergames of Playstation
Book: he likes Stephen King's books
Favorite Dish: Lasagne and gnocchi

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* was born at Porta Metronia (Roma), near to the St-Jean-de-Latran basilica. Fiorella and Lorenzo are his parents. He has two older brothers: Lorenzo and Paolo.
* started to walk with 9 months and already it played with ball (that, at this time, was by plastic). Sometimes, he slept with the ball.
* when was child, was blond,thin and small, the minor of all.
* when was boy, dreamt to work at a petrol station. When his mother stopped the car to refuel and to pay, the employee opened his purse to give her some money for the change, he dreamt to have a purse full of money to help his family
* likes comic films,and he likes to laugh, exactly not being great movie lover. He thinks that the cinema was made to amuse, " not to suffer ", and he, when see movies wants to have fun
* prefers italian movies to the american and foreign
* is invincible in the soccer games of the Playstation. his preferred one is the ISS Pro Evolution, that he judges very realistic. His brother, Ricardo tries to win him, but it is practically impossible...
* his greatest ambition is to win titles.
* thinks it's a little bit to early to get married.
* eats a little of everything, but he loves any type of Pasta. However, he is always in diet and rare he gives himself the right to make concessions...
* passes his free time with the friends and the girlfriend, if when he has one. He guarantees that he doesn't have many friends
* like girls with dark hair and dark skin, bronzing.
* affirms that when he is with his girl, he forgets all the problems, difficulties, controversies and of everything. He comes back to be a normal boy.
* doesn't interest for politics, although to know that it is very important, is part of the daily life. But Totti thinks that the used language for the parliamentarians is very difficult to be understanding. But exactly thus, he always votes, cause he thinks that it is his duty.
* read books with more frequency some years ago of that he reads today . When he wants to read something, he chooses an advised romance for some friend
* has a numerous family and he believes that is very important to a youngster always have his parents for close. He says that just arrived where he is now with the support of his parents
* thinks that the biggest character at Roma is Vincent Candela
* tells that the best goalkeeper that he have faced is Gigi Buffon
* wants to dedicate the title to, if Roma win the League, the critics about him. And he's not talking football.
* if he was Italy coach, he'll put in his up front the strikers Vincenzo Montella and Pippo Inzaghi.
* don't uses the internet a lot. He doesn't have much time for it.
* has Candela as his best friend
* after matches tries to relax as much as possible and tries to go home and stay with the friends and the girlfriend.
* before enter the field, he brings up the collar of his shirt. This is a Totti's pre match superstition
* continues liveing in the same house that his parents and just wants to leave there when he'll be married and when he'll be ready to live for proper account
* is very religious and thankful the God for being a luck youngster, calm, that works, has a family and is happy.

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