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Open Book, Spinning

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Chile Pepper, Spinning

Date Of Birth: March, 9, 1975.
Place: La Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentine
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 79 Kg
Zodiac: Pisces
Nickname: La Brujita
Marital Status: Single, but lives with his fiancee Maria Florencia, a daughter and a son
Team: Manchester United - England

Chile Pepper

Singer: Argentinian cumbia and Ramazzotti
Song: he likes argentine song (Sombras,Charros)
Soccer Idol: Diego Maradona
Car: a yellow ferrari 355 Spider
Hobby: cars, specially Ferrari
Vacations Spot: Buenos Aires
Favorite Dish: Coteletta from Milan (beef tarnished with egg and bread flour)

Chile Pepper, Spinning

Chile Pepper, Spinning

* is known as " La Brujita", (The Little Wizard), since his daddy is " La Bruja " (The Wizard). His dad was nicknamed like that because besides having the nose similar to a witch, he was made magical things with the ball in time that was player
* when was child, frighten his friends hurling in them kneaded cans of Coke
* in teenage had many problems with the School, and his parents, because he was very bad student, didn't allow him to go to the trainings as punishment
* with 16 years old he shocked his parents when decideds clearify the things about his disinterestedness with School. Then his parents gave up and told him that he had to work
* had a difficult life per one year, working during the day, following for the trains, in the end of the afternoon. To the night he was tired. In the following year, he fell in love for Maria Florencia
* lives with Florencia, but doesn't want to marry, because he doesn't want to feel imprisoned
* before knowing his fiancee, he showed the women as trophies. With Florencia, he guarantees that changes
* had his first time when he was 15, with a prostitute. By the way, Verón began to attend cabarets when started to play in main team and questions the fact of a player of 20 years not to be able to going out for have fun as any boy of 20 years, because at the time they had given to him a fame of " bad reputation ". For him, there's nothing wrong with this
* used to steal money from the purse of his mother to buy stickers of football players
* used the car of his dad to pick up girls and collected the panties of women he seduced
* cut lessons. In Argentina people say hacer la rata: he was the last in his class and first in the rata
* is big friend of Claudio Lopez and their friendship became even to stronger when they played together in the Preolympics in Mar del Plata.
* is also very friend of Kily González, since Boca Juniors times and considers him a brother, because both have many things in common
* began to listen "Los Charros"and "Sombras" with Kily... when in that time he used to listen Metallica...
* admires Napoleon, the Pope and Che Guevara, as demonstrates his tatto, and to this respect , he says: "It hasnt got anything to do with politics. Hes a fascinating character, an Argentinian who has fought for my country that wasnt his, an example of generosity, courage, and noble ideals"
* is crazy for Jennifer Lopez
* in june, 1999, crashed his car, in La Plata, when driving the convertible on night
* guarantees that if he wants, he can always have sex. Even if youre a football player. Even the night before a match ...and he does it often
* really looks like a pirate, with a shaven head, an earring on his left ear, a tattoo on his right forearm. The only things missing are a bandanna and a scimitar
works for hours with weights and the rowing machine
* likes to drink Fanta in training intervals
* would be F1 pilot if he was born again.
* believes that the day prettiest was that one where Maradona saw him to play for the first time, saying that it was brave and would have future as football player.
* always was considered a crazy one. One of the episodes? he stole the car of his father and asked for to a cousin who taught to it to guide.
* is very superstitious; when he plays he wears white tape around his right knee, because after the injury of his knee it became his amulet
* likes to stay with his two dogs and travels, in his free time
* guarantees that his business is have fun, play football, be happy, make some money and live. He says that doesn't need the articles, or the camerasand doesn't jump under a train if he is not in the magazines
* believes that to leave Buenos Aires is helped him to leave the life of sprees, because in Italy everything is completely professional and he has to have a calmer life, goes to bed early, respects himself and doesn't make the night too large...
* confesses that now that he has family is calmer

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